Jacqui. 24. Post college grad trying to figure it all out. Midnight Toker, Lover of the Red Sox, John Mayer, singing at the top of my lungs, and driving into fences.

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Thoughts for today

- Tom Petty was amazing last night. Definitely recommend all to go see him. I may have also gotten a contact high while there.

- My douchebag roommate left for work at 1220. On the way out he proceeded to tell me his parents were stopping by to pick up a dresser at 1230. Think it would have been nice to give me more of a warning? What if I was leaving too?His parents cater to his every need and literally judge my other roommate and I for being adults and having alcohol in the house. I kinda want to be like Hey! Tell your son to grow up and stop living like a 13 year old boy.

- I may of may not be staying in my room and watching The League on Netflix all day. I’m perfectly ok with this.

- Front door just shut. Did the rentals leave?!

- The guy I went out with Friday wants to know if I’m free tomorrow to meet up again. Conversation was great, he’s a little odd and goofy, but I’m not physically attracted to him. I know I’m not a model by any means, but I feel as though I have been significantly more put together than some of these guys I’ve been going out with. I’m sounding super shallow right now, but how hard is it for me to find someone I feel as though we would look well together? And for someone I’m actually attracted to?

- Pretty sure the rentals are gone. Did I mention when they came to the door and rang the doorbell I was wearing some great skimpy yoga shorts and a t shirt?

- Tinder date Thursday was an Italian version of Drew Carey. Looked hardly like his photos, but he was nice too. Comes from money, went to northeastern, and told me all about his excursions and lovely places he likes to visit in the city. Personally for me, I could care less about your apartment on Huntington Ave and how your favorite bottle of wine averages at $50 a bottle. All of that is just not who I am. Give me a coors light, an Irish pub, or tell me stories of how you go to classic rock concerts with your dad and we’ll be best buds.

- This may be my longest post in like a year.

- Aaaaand now that I’ve bored y’all with my ramblings, it’s time for the Shiva bowl.